The itch

My last entry hinted at something bothering me while sitting in Dodixie just before I purchased a battlecruiser to do L3s. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, and it was driving me crazy.

Boef was with me in Dodixie as the +1 in a shuttle for the trip over here, and while I was checking the price of burgers, he was sent over to a neighboring system to pick up skill books that were significantly cheaper than what the Dodixie market offered for some reason.

colt-45-etnies-02While I was piloting Boef over, I got to thinking about how a hub is like a convenience store. You go there for the convenience of purchasing a wide assortment of goods that normally would not be found together. Like a pair of sneakers and some malt liquor. It’s certainly not because you enjoy the company of those sketchy dudes loitering on the sidewalk panhandling, or those thugs eyeing your wife’s minivan. Come to think of it, that’s a pretty good analogy of what the major hubs local is like with their scammers and gankers. Ha!

Boef just purchased the skill books we needed, and all of a sudden it hit me. That itch was no longer an issue, because I found the scratchy thing: Skills.

Sure, I could buy and sit in a battlecruiser. I could even put together a somewhat decent, albeit noob-ish fit. But in order for me to fly it effectively, and not risk it being destroyed by the first rat that looked at me funny, I’d have to spend some time learning new support skills, and increasing the level of skills already learned. You know… the important ones, like repair systems, or even the different gunnery skills.

Looks like Aгрессивный lives another day… or week!

To mitigate the frustration of having to warp off mid-mission to save my boat, I think for now I’ll step down to L2s. It’s convenient because there are L1-L3 missions available in my station. Sure, the rewards for L3s are significantly higher, but so is the risk of losing my trusty RLML Bellicose.

Mike Azariah summed it up perfectly in the last paragraph of his Preppers entry on his blog A Missioneer in Eve:

…live within your means and not pour all your hopes and dreams and assets into one thing, one endeavour.  If you do and lose it?  well you better to be ready to rebuild…


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